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Your Questions Answered

What is the currency in Poland?

Polish Złoty (zł or PLN). You get about 4.7 zł to 1 euro and about 5.4 zł to the pound.


Can we pay in euros?

No, sorry.


How can we make a bank transfer to Poland?

We recommend you use Revolut, Paypal or Wise to make payments with good rates and low fees. 

Why is WRF an all inclusive tournament?

Easy to organize your tour, great value for money, less hassle for participants, more time to spend on rugby and banter.


Can we pay as we go?

No, sorry.

Why a social rugby tournament?

We aim to strike a balance of banter, enjoyment, and rugby. The character of this tournament is what sets it apart.

When shall we don our fancy dress?

At your discretion. We welcome fancy dress at any time (except Sunday Night which is a smart event: No.1s are requested). Typically teams arrive in tour shirts on Friday (venue is rugby friendly) or don their fancy attire for the Saturday evening pitch-side-party. Some carry on into the city centre others get back to the hotel for a shower and change.

Is there a minimum cost applied to teams?

No, the price is based on the number of individuals.

What if we do not have enough for a full team?

We will be able to help you out, by either joining willing teams or forming a Barbarians squad.

Can we field more than one team if we bring a lot of players?

Yes, just let us know before the event when you confirm numbers.

Can we add more players after we send in our numbers?

Yes, we are pretty flexible and inclusive.

What is the price for non-players (i.e. the old codgers, friends, guests, or the spouse)?

The same fees apply for players and non-players alike. 180 Euros (160 early bird) for men and 120 euros (110 early bird)  for ladies.

Do we need visas to enter Poland?

For EU, US and Canadian citizens, no. Outside of that, please check well in advance. We can arrange a letter of invitation if needed.

We are getting there early. Any suggestions on what to see?

There is plenty to see for a couple of extra days in Warsaw, or for a longer trip to Poland. We would be delighted to help you schedule your visit, please drop us an email at

Are there showers and changing facilities?

Yes, we have changing room facilities which include showers at the pitch.

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