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The Warsaw Frogs

The Frogs & Co. were founded in 1995 when a group of French expats led by the Bordeauxvian flanker Xavier Becker decided to form an elite French rugby club in Warsaw. Unfortunately for them there weren’t enough members, so they resorted to inviting any pub regular to train with them. This motley crew of weekend warriors, wanting to honor their French founders, decreed themselves the Warsaw Frogs & Co.  Since their inception, the Frogs are renowned among Warsaw expat circles not only for champagne (usually the cheap Russian stuff) rugby, but also for post-match banter of the highest caliber.

The club has spent the last two plus decades wandering the backroads of Poland and the skies of Europe, travelling north, south, east and west, in search of like-minded teams to share in the true spirit of social rugby. Throughout the years, the boys in green have been runners-up in the Polish 7s league, won the 7s cup, won the Polish 2nd division in XV’s, and finished a respectable 3rd in the Ist division.  Nowadays, our schedule consists of friendly matches with Polish sides as well as a number of fixtures against touring sides from the Six Nations and around Europe.  Our spring season culminates with the best social rugby event on planet Earth, The Warsaw Rugby Festival.  

Join the Frogs!

Yes, you too can become a Warsaw Frog.  We accept new and recycled rugby players of all skill levels and body types.  Whether you're a reformed futbol pretty boy with Oscar-winning acting skills or an off-the-couch weekend warrior looking to earn his pints, we have a place for you.   We've elevated a large number of players from zero to hero in less than 10 years time.  This includes not only Polish, but also French (although some say they'll never learn), US, and even English players.  However, Frogs training should not be a substitute for a weight loss program.  Many of our players are actually quite in shape and fit.  Others just have a shape, usually oval. 

We practice ONCE A WEEK at AWF, starting in early March for spring season, and early September for the fall season.  Please look us up on Facebook to find the latest details.

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