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About the WRF

The original Warsaw 10s Men's Tournament has been held since 1996, and we are setting sail for our 25th edition in 2023. In 2014, we rebranded ourselves as the Warsaw Rugby Festival in order to emphasize the social aspect of the event as well as more strongly promote the Ladies 7s portion of the tournament. Throughout our history, we have hosted over 200 different teams from around the globe while raising thousands of złoty for various charities. These include teams from as far away as Australia, the United States, and the Middle East.  
While the Ladies 7s has only been around for the past five years, we are just as committed to the promotion of women's rugby in Central Europe and abroad. Several teams make repeat (or more) visits to the WRF. We firmly believe that this stands as a testament to the quality of the event we put on year after year. It also says a lot about the type of clubs we prefer to host here in Warsaw. Not only at the WRF, but throughout the year, the Warsaw Frogs are delighted to host touring sides that understand the finer points of social rugby.
Rugby Vincennes - France
London Cornish - England
Belfast High School Former Pupils
Iraklis Blues - Thessaloniki, Greece
Arlechinii Bucuresti - Romania
Elav Stezzano - Italy
Barnes Bears - England
Dalziel Dazzlers - Scotland
Arabian Potbellies - U.A.E.
Aberdeen RFC - Scotland
Rugby Club Würenlos - Switzerland
Not Racing Metro - England
Lemon's Team - Italy
Abu Dhabi Harlequins - U.A.E.
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