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Charity Jersey Auction

We are very proud to be able to state that half of the profit made by the WRF is given to charities based right here in Poland. The other half goes towards the upkeep of the Warsaw Frogs & Co. Rugby Club.

Our principle charities are: Platforma Równych Szans, a non-profit who support children born into poverty or dysfunctional environments and Fundacja Prometeusz dla Seniorow, who provide assistance to the elderly community of Warsaw. We also send money to a number of other local and/or specific causes, including Fundacja St. Patrick's.

Many of our touring sides turn up to our event in some amazingly creative kit which inspires envy among their competitors. Instead of trading jerseys, we ask each team to bring a spare playing shirt as a donation. Everybody then has a chance to purchase their favourite gear through a silent auction at the Sunday night closing banquet. The team that raises the most money receives the Golden Boot award for Best Playing Kit.

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